Health Service Assistance Without Any Additional Fees

24/7 Healthcare Service

BetterMed is always ready to provide 24/7 Healthcare Service through the Whatsapp Helpline to help you get treatment plans and appointments with the best medical specialists and hospitals.

Home & Office Visit

Can’t go to the hospital and need medical assistance directly from home or the office? BetterMed can help arrange reservations and medical procedure appointments to come to your home or office.

Priority Consultation

Through connections and partnerships with hospitals, you can get prioritized treatment without waiting in line. Not only that, but you can also get treatment with VIP class comfort and maximum results from the best doctors.

Second Opinion

When you are faced with a difficult and high-risk choice like an emergency operation, getting diagnosed with a long-term illness or a rare disease, it’s important that you seek a second opinion to reassure you to decide the right treatment. In this case, BetterMed can help you give the best second opinion from an experienced doctor.

Specialist Referral

BetterMed can help provide you with the best referral according to your diagnosis and the problem you are facing. We can provide referrals to medical specialists from various hospitals domestically or internationally.

Health Insurance Optimization

Can you get treatment with BetterMed using health insurance as the payment method? The answer is yes. BetterMed can help you make the most of your health insurance. We will ensure that the costs used from your insurance be used effectively and according to your needs.

Efficient Cost Estimation

One of the most important things to be prepared for before receiving treatment is cost planning. If properly prepared, treatments can be done in a cost-efficient manner. Therefore, to help you get the best treatment at an efficient cost, BetterMed helps plan the estimated cost so that it can be allocated as much as possible.