Get a Second Medical Opinion

A full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Evaluation from a medical specialist
  • Receive a written report + teleconsultation

What is a Second Medical Opinion

A Second Medical Opinion is the opinion of another doctor regarding your illness and treatment plan. The purpose is to provide additional evaluation is so that you can make the right decision.

What Are the Benefits for You?

To understand the diagnosis and treatment needs.

Provides peace of mind because there are other doctors to re-assure the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment.

Evaluate treatment options more effectively.

When Do You Need it?

  • When you have a serious, critical, or complex/rare medical condition such as cancer.
  • For high-risk treatment. A second medical opinion can help you understand the serious consequences of high-risk medical treatment.
  • For all types of treatments and diagnoses.

What Results Can Be Expected?

A medical specialist who will review your case will send you a written report containing:

  • A review of the available information regarding your case.
  • Temporary diagnosis
  • Treatment options
  • Recommendation of next best action.