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YARSI Hospital has complete and modern facilities to provide excellent service to patients. YARSI Hospital’s vision is “To become a hospital-based on Islam with high quality and international standard health services.” YARSI Hospital’s mission is to provide comprehensive and professional health services according to the Islamic Faith. We want to develop the best medical services as a referral center supported by the development of science and technology according to Islam. We’ll build and maintain good relations with stakeholders in compliance with the Islamic faith. We want to ensure a good work environment in the service sector, medical and health professionals, with patients and their families. We’ll open opportunities for healthcare workers to continue their education and training opportunities according to the Islamic faith. We will also provide opportunities to become a means of medical education and research. YARSI Hospital will implement sharia service standards ready to serve the people in a friendly and professional manner so that Indonesian citizens do not need to go abroad to get the best medical services.

Doctor Recommendation

Some of the team of specialist doctors that you can meet at the YARSI Hospital:

Obstetrics & Gynecology

dr. Carmelia, Sp. OG

Skin & Genitals

dr. Hadi Firmansyah Sidiq, Sp.KK, M.Kes


dr. Indra Peni, Sp. OT

Dental Conservation

drg. Putie Ambun Sari, Sp.KG


dr. Agus Subagio, Sp.THT – KL


dr. R. Bagus Denny I B, Sp.Rad (K)

Pediatric Dentistry

drg. Virmala Indah Aulia, Sp. KGA

Spine Sub-Specialist Orthopedics

dr. Riza Aprizal, Sp.OT (K) Spine


dr. Andika Chandra Putra, Ph.D, Sp.P(K)



Jl. Letjen Soeprapto Kav 13 Cempaka Putih Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia